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Accommodation Facilities
Dhole's Den offers 5 spacious living units (2 rooms, 1 Suite and 2 bungalows). The guest rooms in the main building are on the first floor. The space for living and rest intermingle with each other. Space, light, air and sight are the forefront of all the units. Large glass sliding doors offer a panoramic and unhindered view of the landscape and the Niligiri Mountains. Ever changing vistas and hues ranging from misty mornings, village scenery with cowherds passing by to golden sunsets are a treat to watch. The high ceilings and glass louvers allow the winds to pass through so that the rooms are never to hot even during the mid day heat. Comfortable marble sit-outs reduce the amount of furniture required in the room. The spacious balconies are covered by terracotta tiles so that the guest can enjoy the panorama in the shade throughout the day. Sun bathe, enjoy a sun downer or a private dinner from the free standing balconies which two of the rooms have to offer. The suite with its almost 105 square metres and a large private balcony offers ample space for creative thinking and relaxation. The whole building is placed on the north/south axis so that the course of the sun can be followed by you. The two separate cottages offer a spacious living and bed area and the finesse that there are no doors even to the bath room. The living, bed and the bath are placed in such a way so as to offer privacy even without any walls or doors. The bright and friendly bath area offers even a shower open to the sky and even a view to the mountains both giving a special touch of freedom. The large balcony is separated from the bed room by sliding glass shutters allowing enough light and sight from the moment you wake up till you lay down for a night's rest.

Resort Facilities
The dining and living rooms are on the ground floor, also here space and light are the main features. Watch the chef prepare your breakfast or let him explain how to prepare one of those tasty south Indian curries in the live kitchen. Private cooking demonstrations and courses can also be organized on request. There is a jogging track and a meditation area. Personal yoga courses can be organized upon request. The lodge is in the vicinity of small villages bordering the Bandipur National Park. Nature walks and Village Safaris to these villages can also be arranged.



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