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As for our guests-the Safari simply becomes the highlight of their India tour! We are proud of the fact that we are often able to change our guest's conceptions or misconceptions of India in just two hours! Thus we become active ambassadors of the country by showcasing that which is traditionally old and beautiful - an honest simplicity that touches one's heart, and an underlying sense of spirituality and peace, which becomes the core of our philosophy. We bring to our guests the true, unspoilt India, which lies dormant under the heavy weight of the modern material world and its influences.

Today the 'Rohet Safaris' brand has become synonymous with authenticity and quality. It stands proud as a classic example of responsible tourism in a remote rural part of western Rajasthan, ensuring that the rich and vibrant culture of the region and the age-old values stay intact, by instilling a sense of pride amongst the people, as well as sharing the profits of tourism with a large chunk of society by promoting local crafts, organizing medical camps, or helping schools to build their infrastructure.

Rohet Garh's Signature Program :
"Rohet Safari's" premier product. Pioneered by us seventeen years ago, this program still remains our main highlight. Showcasing the best of the land, it is a complete cultural experience, which encompasses all that this region has to offer. From the warm and hospitable people, to the various customs and ceremonies and the abundant wildlife, guests have the rare privilege of being welcomed into people's homes and interacting with them. They get to experience and understand a way of life that takes them closer to their roots.

They meet the 'Premier ecologists of the world', the Bishnois, who have protected nature for more than 500 years and are responsible for the very survival of species like the Black Buck antelope (India's most beautiful antelope and a rare and protected species today). They share a beautiful relationship with this special animal, wherein the antelope stays close to Bishnoi habitation, never leaving it, and displays complete trust in the Bishnoi people. Guests also meet the Raikas (shepherds) with their glorious costumes, and the Paliwals and Meghwals, the Brahmin farmers and weavers respectively.

This unique tour is made possible solely because of the host family's special relationship with the local people of the various communities, which allows rare access into every home visited, where guests are welcomed as their very own.

Royal Picnics are a great extension of our safaris. Be it in jeeps, on camel or on horse, the Royal Picnic is a grand recreation of a bygone era, where you are waited upon by liveried attendants; large mattresses with bolsters and soft cushions spread next to a soothing water body invite you to kick up your feet, and a choice of cool beverages await your discretion. The food is delicious, served hot on tables with crisp linen and a bottle of wine and then you drift into sweet slumber watching the pied kingfisher dive for his lunch just yards away from you

The winter months attract a vast variety of birds into the region, where in a good year upto 200 different species can easily be sighted. The numerous lakes and Jheels around Rohet are a haven for birds. A bicycle, a bird book, a bottle of water, a pair of binoculars, packed breakfast, accompanied by an escort is all that a true bird-lover needs!

Guests have called a meal at Rohet Garh their best in India. This resulted in the late Thakurani Sahiba Jayendra Kumari authoring a small cookbook on our cuisine. Under her expert guidance, we began our culinary workshops. Today her legacy is carried forward by her daughter in-law, Rashmi Singh. Our workshops promote traditional Indian cuisine and are extremely comprehensive and popular. The guests are not only given demonstrations but also practical training. And then they get to sample their own efforts

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